Each Catholic Alumni Club offers a wide variety of activities. Here's what may be in store for you at your nearest CAC:

  • Dances - A favorite CAC social event.
  • House Parties and Games Nights - Friendly, low-pressure gatherings at members' homes. Great icebreakers.
  • Fine Dining - An enjoyable evening with fellow CACers at a local restaurant.
  • Masses, Retreats, and other activities of Spiritual replenishment.
  • Community Volunteering - An essential element of Catholic life.
  • Theatre, Concerts, and other Cultural Events.
  • Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Hiking, and other Athletic-oriented Events - A combination of low-intensity competition and friendly interaction.
  • Ski Trips and other Weekend Getaways.


As a member of CAC, you:

  • Are eligible to attend the annual CACI National Convention and CAC Regional Weekends, where members of your local CAC join together with other CAC members throughout the country for an enjoyable vacation.
  • Get reduced admission prices at club events.
  • Receive the local club's newsletter, which contains event and other club information.
  • Receive The Communiqué, the CACI newsletter, by mail.
  • May attend activities of other CAC's at member rates when you're in their area.


CAC provides ample opportunity to:

  • Meet and develop friendships with other Catholic singles. This is what CAC is all about.
  • Participate in, and enjoy, activities sponsored by the local CAC, other CAC's, and CACI.
  • Socialize and date. While social interaction among CAC members has lead to marriage for many, some are simply contented with the company of other Catholic singles.