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Catholic Alumni Club of Boston

A Social Organization of Single Professional Catholics

P.O BOX 101 Concord, MA 01742

What is CAC?

The Catholic Alumni Club of Boston (CAC) has been in existence for over forty years and is affiliated with the Catholic Alumni Clubs International (CACI). We are a volunteer organization of over 200 single adult Catholic professionals enjoying each other's company in a wide variety of social, religious and cultural settings.

Our purpose is to encourage friendship and camaraderie among people of similar backgrounds. Although CAC is not a matchmaking organization, many marriages do result from the wonderful friendships that start at CAC events.

Mission Statement

To enable members to join in fellowship and community by sharing their common faith, values, Christian ideals, and educational backgrounds with other single professionals. To provide a forum for members to participate in enriching and rewarding experiences such as religious and charitable activities, social gatherings, cultural programs, and sporting events at local, regional, and national levels. To maintain and expand our membership so the Club continues its vitality as a thriving organization.

Membership Requirements

Full Membership is offered to those men and women who are single and Catholic; free to marry in the Church; and have received a minimum of an Associate's Degree or attained Registered Nurse status or a Professional Certificate or License. Associate membership is offered to those who do not meet the above criteria.

Dues and Benefits

Dues are $40 per year, $75 for two years. International membership dues are $45 per year - payment accepted in U.S. funds.

Membership benefits include:

Our Activities

CAC of Boston sponsors a wide range of activities for our members: social, cultural, religious and recreational. These activities are published each month in our newsletter, The Hub-Bub.

Some of our regular activities include:

CAC of Boston - Brunch Date: Sunday September 10 at 12:30 p.m.
Location: Gaslight Restaurant in Lynnfield MA.
We will be able to order from their brunch or lunch menu.  After we can enjoy a stroll along the many wonderful shops at Market Street.
CAC of Boston - Hike Date: Sunday September 17 at 1 pm..
Location: Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.
The "Loop" is 3.9 miles of winding trail which overlooks a breathtaking view of Narragansett Bay.  One can complete the entire trail,or return to the parking lot.  After che completion of the hike, we will repair to a local restaurant for dinner.
CAC of Boston - Liturgy Date: Sunday September 24 at 2 pm. 
Location: private home in Pocasset,  MA.
CACI - Easter Region Convention - Lancaster, PA Date: September 22 to 24, 2017.
Location: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square in downtown Lancaster.
We will travel back in time to a period in our history when there were no computers, cell phones, televisions and not even electricity.
There is plenty to do in Lancaster. Very near our hotel is a local farmer's market that features not only Amish, Mennonite and German vendors but also features other types of local fare.You can purchase such items as Chow-Chow, Shoo-fly Pie and of course farm fresh produce.
For those staying longer than the weekend, you may want to visit Hershey. Valley Forge and Philadelphia are nearby.
Cost: Double package is $300.00 and single is $465.00.
Saturday Lancaster Tour - $40.

Our Geographic Regions

CAC of Boston serves mainly eastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area. We also serve three other regions: Rhode Island/SE Mass, Central Mass., and Southern NH/Merrimack Valley.

How to Join CAC of Boston

For more information about CAC or to obtain a membership packet,  write to the following address:

Club Information Chairperson
Catholic Alumni Club of Boston
P.O. BOX  101 Concord, MA 01742

or send an e-mail message:

To join, complete and print the online membership application and mail it to the above address.

What is CACI?

Catholic Alumni Clubs International (CACI) was formed in 1957 as an association of local Catholic Alumni Clubs. CACI is a non-profit organization which comprise of more than 35 chapters nationwide with close to 5,000 members and is the parent organization of CAC of Boston. The purpose of CACI is to host the annual national convention, encourage communication among local clubs, and represent the interests of single Catholics at a national level. For other areas of the U.S., see the CACI Home Page for the list of local clubs.

For More Information About CAC

For more information about CAC write to the following address:

Club Information Chairperson
Catholic Alumni Club of Boston
P.O. BOX 101 Concord, MA 01742

or send an e-mail message:


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